Woman Wakes Up To Stray Dog Lounging On Patio Chair And Wagging His Tail Happily

When a woman awoke to find a stray dog sitting on her patio chair, she had an unexpected start to her day.

Amy Haden and her family awoke to find the dog relaxing on their patio.Amy and her daughter were also spotted by the stray, but he was unafraid of them.He refused to leave and kept relaxing.He even happily wagged his tail to greet them and pretended to own the place.

Source: Screenshot/ YouTube

Amy wasn’t expecting a surprise visitor on her patio, but she welcomed him.Walker was given a name by his family, and they began looking for him.They tried everything, but no one could figure out where he came from.He was not microchipped and wore no identification.Amy knew they needed to find a permanent solution after a month of searching for Walker’s owners in vain.

Source: Screenshot/ YouTube

The family wanted to keep him, but he clashed with their two dogs.Amy was forced to find him a new home.Fortunately, Amy was able to place Walker in a forever home with an older woman who fell in love with him.The woman promised to love him and do everything she could to make him happy.

Here’s how people reacted to the video:

“In the first shot, he appears to be preparing for a job interview; nervous but eager to make a good impression.”
Congratulations on finding him a good home!”

“All that body language says, “Please adopt me,” said another.
“I’m glad he ended up in a good home.”

“The fact that this woman admitted she couldn’t take on another pet demonstrates how responsible a pet owner she is!”
“Good for her!”