Woman tells dog he’s adopted and his hilarious response earns 10M views

Husky is vehemently opposed to being adopted and begins to argue with his owner.Although we technically adopt our dogs, some of them refuse to accept this fact.Hearing that harsh reality seems to hit them hard, and they are struck with astonishment.Take a look at this amusing husky’s shocked reaction after learning he’s been adopted.

He currently has 1.78 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, which features his and his owner Jodie Boo’s silly adventures. Jodie Boo is a talented artist who custom paints cards, mugs, tote bags, and shirts.

Key has been Jodie’s sidekick for nearly as long, and the two have formed a bond so strong that you’d think they were mother and son.

Each animal reacts differently when they hear those words.Some dogs cry, while others simply drop their jaws in disappointment.While this is true, some animals simply do not care and disrespectfully leave the area to find another place to lay down.

Even though they don’t understand what they’re saying, their reactions are hilarious and entertaining.As a result, more pet owners attempt to do this to their pets and document their genuine reactions on the internet.

Jodie calls out Key’s name, and he responds gently with his husky voice.When Key began a conversation with the words, “I have some shocking news for you,” he simply looked at her with a nervous and anxious expression on his face, as if he knew it was going to be bad news for him.When Key let go of the words “You’re adopted” in front of him, the husky bolted upright, howling in shock and disbelief.

He kept making rebellious noises and arguing with Jodie whenever he could.He finally calmed down and fell asleep on his bed, accepting the sad truth.To make amends, Jodie offered Key a DNA test that detects the various dog breeds in his blood.

Key just stared off into the distance, still stunned by the initial news.They both learned how much husky and malamute Key is at the end of the video.With his charm and acting abilities, he could probably work as a canine actor in Hollywood.Furthermore, his very vocal interactions are so amusing that it appears that Key is actually speaking human words.