Woman spots furry clumps in the road and knew what to do

Natalie Therese and her partner were driving home from a bed-and-breakfast near the Columbia River inWashington on that day.They were driving along when they noticed a large clump of fur in the middle of the road.

Therese had a feeling they needed to come to a halt.Her companion assumed it was just a clump of dirt or something.But it was not the case!


Therese realized she had seen the otters’ mother flee an oncoming car.The babies were too young to understand what was going on.They had just come to a halt and were now alone.Their terrified mother stood nearby in the woods, watching them.


Therese decided she should assist them.She began directing the trembling babies in the right direction.”I gently urged them off the road,” Therese explained.She led them to their mother, who was waiting to make sure they all knew what to do.

Therese waited by the car until the mother emerged and all three babies ran off the road together.She then waited a few minutes to make sure they didn’t run back to the road.


The entire experience touched and moved Therese to tears.”Nature and her creatures are so lovely,” she exclaimed.