Woman reunites with little dog who’s been missing for year and can’t contain joy

They mistook her for a stray, but her microchip proved otherwise.She has now been reunited with her family.Microchipping helps save lives.Or, at the very least, it aids in the recovery of lost dogs and cats.It also aided this homeless dog who was discovered living near a cemetery in Texas and taken in by a local animal clinic.

Local residents discovered this little dog living near a cemetery.They couldn’t get enough information about the dog because every time anyone got close to her, they were met with a growl.This did not deter the locals from caring for the dog.They brought food, water, and even bedding.

But it was always from a distance.They were still concerned, however, because the dog could get into trouble if no one was watching it.The dog could be hurt or even killed.A woman caring for the dog from a distance decided to contact a local animal shelter, Nicholas Pet Haven, for assistance.

When the rescuers arrived at the location where the dog had been seen, they discovered that she was being assisted by another person.

Dr. Harshivinderjit S. Bains, who owned a clinic nearby, was also providing food, water, bedding, and even temporary shelter to the dog.He was in the same situation.Despite all of the assistance, the dog would not allow the doctor to approach him.

Dr. Bains, on the other hand, did not give up.He kept helping the dog.And he was going to take the dog and give him a home once it had fully trusted him.Unfortunately for Dr. Bains, the weather was not cooperating.The dog needed shelter right away, and he knew the rescuers were the best option for the dog during the fall and winter seasons.

If you’re looking for a unique way to spend your time, this is the place to be.They set up a trap to lure the dog and safely rescue it later that night.They could now take the dog to the shelter and treat its matted hairs and burrs all over its body.What’s the best part about catching the dog?

Truvy, the dog’s name, was discovered to be microchipped by the shelter.They dialed the microchip number, and the person who answered jumped for joy.They had finally found Truvy!

Amy Logan, the person who answered the phone, stated that they had moved to Texas a year, 13 months ago.Around the same time, they also lost Truvy.Truvy pushed her way through the iron fence and ran away.”[When Truvy went missing], we canvassed the neighborhood on foot and in cars,” Amy explained.
“For the next few months, I drove around looking for her.I also emailed every vet clinic, shelter, and rescue group within 60 miles in case she was picked up by someone from out of town.”

They began to lose hope when they couldn’t find her. They updated Truvy’s microchip but months passed by with no news.

That’s why they were overjoyed when they received the call from the shelter.It was truly miraculous!Amy and her husband rushed Truvy’s canine sister to the shelter.
Truvy was in one of the rooms when the door was opened, and she dashed towards it.Amy, her husband, and their other dog were on the other side of the fence.Truvy, on the other hand, paused before approaching.

Amy bowed and said hello, but Truvy was still unsure.Truvy didn’t realize Amy was her human mother until she entered the room.She grew up in a home where she was surrounded by nature.