Woman Panics When She Hears A Man Say ‘Hey Beautiful’ Through Her Furbo Dog Camera

In the same way as other pet people, Angela Cuniberti had a camera in her home to watch out for her canines when she wasn’t there. She had it for quite some time and was content with it. Never did she expect that somebody would utilize the gadget to attack her security.


“I heard a man’s voice say, ‘hello, delightful,'” Angela told Inside Edition. “I essentially blew a gasket. I thought somebody came into my home. My canine began woofing like insane.” It wasn’t promptly unmistakable where the voice was coming from.

Angela was stunned when she understood it was coming from her Furbo canine camera. “I see this little red light, and I said that is odd. It shouldn’t be on or anything by any means,” she added. “I went to investigate, and that is the point at which he began snickering.” Technology specialists caution that this can occur with a ton of the web associated gadgets that fill a large number of our homes.


“We put these little web associated contributes this large number of gadgets, and the issue is we’ve currently opened up security issues all over the place,” says Webster University innovation master Scott Granneman.

Concerning Angela, she let Furbo know about the occurrence however ruled against proceeding to utilize it. The organization clarified all things considered, somebody hacked her home Wi-Fi organization.

“I haven’t utilized it from that point onward,” Angela noted. “I did contact the Furbo company, and they told me they could replace a new one, and I said not to because I’m not doing that anymore.”