Woman Opens Hospice For Abandoned Dogs So They Can Feel Loved During Their Final Days

Can you imagine how sad and desperate dogs are when their beloved owners abandon them?What’s even more tragic is that they have no one by their sides to console them in their final moments.As a result, the least we can do is remain with them, ensuring that when their time comes, they feel important and loved.They also understand that they were more than just pets to us; they were family members.

Unfortunately, many elderly or terminally ill pets are abandoned by their owners because they believe their canine companions are only passing through their lives.They never realize how much their canine companions adore them – their humans are their entire world.

As a result, Nicola Coyle, a retired nurse, has established The Grey Muzzle Canine Hospice to care for abandoned old or terminally ill dogs with less than 6 months to live.This selfless woman ensures that abandoned dogs live out their final days to the fullest.

“We’ll only take them in if the vet says they have less than six months to live,” the former nurse explained in an interview.”I believe the longest one I’ve had was about a year, and the shortest was about two weeks.”

They are lavished with love and given the treatment they deserve before their final days on Earth.Nicola celebrates the dogs’ birthdays, treats them to a nice steak dinner, and does a variety of other things for them.

“I don’t know when their birthdays are, so we make sure we throw a birthday party for all of them,” Nicola says.”If they’re well enough, we take them to the beach for a day of fish and chips and ice cream.”

Unfortunately, every happy story comes to an end with tears.It’s time to say farewell, which is never easy.”We all become very attached to them; it’s very emotional, and we do mourn and grieve for them,” Nicola says.”There should be breaks between them.”

Because of people like Nicola, these dogs can spend their final days feeling important and loved before going to Doggy Heaven.

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