Woman Kneels Down in Desperation to Get Closer

Violet ended up alone and terrified in a kill shelter.She was severely malnourished and terrified.Because of her poor condition, she would have been euthanized quickly, writes ilovemydogsomuch.Thankfully, Whitney, an I Stand With My Pack volunteer, heard about the Shar-Pei and rushed to pick her up.

Violet’s first stop after being released from the shelter was the veterinarian’s office.
The volunteers were nervous to find out how much she weighed.Violet’s bones were clearly visible.A Shar-Pei should weigh between 40 and 60 pounds, according to the numbers.Violet was only twenty years old.Their hearts went out to the poor dog.Why would anyone do such a thing to a helpless animal?Whitney attempted to calm Violet by petting her.She was aware of every vertebra in her spine.Whitney then knelt, and Violet’s expression confirmed her suspicions.Violet had no concept of love.This was a watershed moment for the sweet girl.Her life was about to change drastically!

Violet learned what it was like to have frequent meals and a loving mother in her foster home with Whitney.Violet learns about toys and even has her own bed.Whitney burst out laughing the first time she stepped onto it.

Violet gained weight as the weeks passed.She also gained new knowledge.How to play with your dog’s friends and everything about happy doggy zoomies!She discovered new things she enjoyed.Everyone was overjoyed to see her develop into a happy, healthy doggo!Violet’s transformation is like something out of a fairy tale.Check out the video below to see what happens next.We guarantee it’s full of feel-good moments and adorable doggy smiles.We are grateful to rescue organizations and The Dodo for publishing stories like this one.Violet is another example of a shelter dog who would make an excellent pet.Always remember to donate to local rescues and shelters.They require our assistance!

Source: ilovemydogsomuch.tv