Woman gets the sweetest tattoo in memory of her beloved Dog

This is how he moves into our lives and our hearts. ❤️💙

That’s a lovely way to remember your dog; he’s always with you.

What a lovely tribute to your furry companion, who will always be a part of you…
absolutely breathtaking Anna Halcin and her beloved dog, Sebastian, were inseparable companions for 6 years.Halcin shares: He was and always will be special to me; we were absolute best friends, and he loved hugging my arm.

Among the many ways Sebastian would express his affection for Halcin was a sweet gesture he’d devised entirely on his own.Sebastian would appear at the perfect moment and wrap his little paws around Halcin’s arm.

However, as much fun as they had together, it couldn’t last forever.Sebastian passed away in October.Halcin was heartbroken to be separated from her beloved dog.But, in the midst of her grief, she had a sweet idea to make Sebastian a permanent part of her.

She chose a design that mirrored Sebastian’s favorite pose; just as Sebastian would embrace Halcin in person, he now does so in spirit — immortalized in that artistic tribute.Halcin explained, “Now, every time I look down, it’s as if he’s hugging me.”That has greatly aided my cope.

What a wonderful tribute to your angel…

Sebastian may be [go.ne], but he still makes Halcin happy and brings her comfort when she needs it the most.As he had always done.Accept your feelings for your last pet and admire your ingenuity in remembering your pet.They are related.

Beautiful tribute; we never forget dearly loved family members.Only those who adore their dogs wholeheartedly would comprehend this.🐶🐾❤️
Dogs are essential to life.It looks amazing, and you must have adored him, but he’s now in doggy heaven.

I’m sending prayers and strength!!!
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