Woman Discovers A Bucket Of Puppies While Strolling Through The Woods, And She Is Picked On By The Neck

Two women were out for an afternoon walk when they heard sobbing!
So they followed the sound and discovered four 1-month-old puppies who were all alone!
As a result, the generous ladies approached a local rescue organization for assistance.

While waiting for rescuers, one of the women, who has extensive experience in such situations, began inspecting the pups and discovered that they were covered in ticks!
Thankfully, the rescuers arrived and immediately took the puppies to a veterinary clinic to be cared for.

Fortunately, two of the puppies were healthy and were allowed to go to the shelter.
The two other puppies, on the other hand, remained at the clinic because they needed to be treated.
They required blood transfusions and additional TLC due to anemia caused by malnutrition in addition to tick bites.

Fortunately, the healthier puppies who were taken to the shelter were fostered!
While the two puppies who stayed at the clinic are improving by the day after receiving the necessary medications.
We hope that all of the puppies are okay and will be adopted soon.
View the video below.