Woman Comes Home To Find A Dog Riding Her Pony

This isn’t something you see every day!

Callie, 22, was driving home one night after picking up dinner when she noticed a hilarious sight: the neighbor’s dog was riding atop her patient pony, Cricket!Perhaps the best part of this video is when the cheeky pup shoots Callie an over-the-shoulder glance as he rides off on his hooved friend! Who knows — maybe this pooch just needed a lift!

Since the hilarious video has been viewed nearly 6 million times, Callie has had to reassure worried animal lovers that neither the pony nor the dog were harmed in the making of this video, and that it was not planned. Cricket lost his eye in an accident before allowing his mutt friend to mount, and the pup, who belongs to the neighbors, roams the countryside but is cared for by his family and Callie’s.

The overwhelming response to the post prompted Callie to inform viewers that she is unable to read the thousands of comments that continue to pour in. She also stated that she is unable to accept any more of the hundreds of friend requests and instead invites fans to join the Cricket and Pals Facebook page.