Woman brings home tiny dwarf horse she found on Craigslist and learns she just wants to dance

The vet gave her a life expectancy of less than a year.She missed the memo.Martha the miniature horse was born with the most lethal form of dwarfism.The doctors gave her 6 to 12 months to live.

Martha, like all dwarf horses, had a slew of health issues that were expected to impair her quality of life.They expected her to die soon as a result of her problems.When Stacy from R&R Ranch, which rescues miniature horses, learned about the dwarf horse, she was determined to do everything she could to save her.Her best was more than enough.

“We didn’t want to be selfish, but we also didn’t want to end a life that could have been saved,” Rolfe explained to Daily Paws.Martha was discovered on Craigslist by Stacy Rolfe.She made the decision to buy her right away.Though her life expectancy was short, she felt she couldn’t let the poor soul down and resolved to do everything in her power to provide her with the best possible quality of life.

The dwarf horse was indeed taken to the miniature horse sanctuary, where Stacy and the other volunteers noticed Martha had a serious problem with her front legs.”Her legs jutted out of her chest, then down, and splayed out at a very wide angle,” Rofle told Cuddle Buddies.

Walking was excruciatingly painful for her.So they decided to have her hooves trimmed in order to gradually bring them in.Meanwhile, Stacy spent time bonding with Martha, who loved to sit right next to her or cuddle on the floor with her.From the start, it was clear that the two had a special connection.

The extra attention paid off.After a while, they noticed that her legs were looking better.Martha was soon able to walk more comfortably and began to enjoy herself around the ranch.”We had this little girl who was like, I don’t care what’s wrong with me, I’m happy,” Rolfe says.”She didn’t know how much longer she had, and she was like, ‘It’s OK, I can do this, I can play, I can be happy.'”

Marth beat the odds.Against all odds, Martha has celebrated her third birthday, and she is looking forward to many more years of joy.She enjoys running and “dancing” around the stables and ranch, as well as playing in the snow, and she treasures every moment she spends with her favorite person, Stacy.

At the same time, she is very sociable with both the other animals on the ranch and the people who care for her.She also visits nursing homes, allowing people to hug and brush her, lifting their spirits.The adorable dwarf horse is also popular on social media, as she is frequently featured on the ranch’s Instagram page.What an amazing and inspiring story.