Woman believes her dog has captured baby birds, so she looks between the dog’s paws

Jenna Laigle, 31, was walking her Golden Retriever, Otis, through a field in Torrington, Connecticut.
But, all of a sudden, Otis became anxious and distracted.
Jenna was taken aback when the 6-year-old pooch led her to a litter of six newborn bunny rabbits lying lifeless on the ground.

Jenna realized the baby rabbits had been separated from their mother.
Otis’ immediate concern, however, was the survival of the vulnerable younglings, especially since the area was known to be a hunting ground for predators such as hawks.
His paternal instincts were triggered by the children, and he took it upon himself to protect them!

Otis gently placed the fragile babies in his mouth, one by one, between his sheltered paws.
He continued licking and nuzzling the distressed bunnies until they were all calmed down.
Jenna, on the other hand, looked around and found the mama’s nest for these lost bunnies.

As he returned the babies to their true home, Otis was a proud foster father.
His eyes twinkled with delight as he realized he had made them feel safe and comforted during the crisis.
Jenna describes Otis as a “super emotional old soul,” and it’s natural for him to look out for animals in need.
What a sweetheart, thoughtful and compassionate!

Click the video below to watch how Otis comforted the crying bunny babies with his loving presence.

Source: ilovemydogsomuch.com