Woman Assumes That A Ghost Appeared While She Took A Pic Of Her Dog

Do you believe in ghosts? Many people have put forth the idea that animals can detect the paranormal. Sue Radigan was out walking her dog, Mia, late one night through Wythall, which is located in Worcestershire, England.

Mia was usually a quiet and laid-back dog, but this night, she was frantic and began to bark!On a whim, Sue took a photo in the direction Mia was barking – what she saw when she looked at the screen freaked her out!

Scroll down to see the image Sue captured.Do you see the three figures? It appears to be an elderly couple out walking their terrier!

Sue has sworn that she and Mia were the only ones at the park that evening. You can imagine how shocked Sue was to see those ghostly images on her screen.

She has admitted that she isn’t quite sure what made her decide to take the photo.The picture Sue took has some people thinking that Mia could be a medium that could contact people on the other side!Of course, other people are saying that the image is nothing more than a glitch in the camera’s technology. I don’t know. What kind of a glitch would make it look like a man and a woman were walking a dog?

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