Woman Adopts Dog For Her Birthday

Image Credit & More Info; crownshyness | H/T; Boredpanda

One of the reasons we look forward to our birthdays is the abundance of gifts that we receive.There are also those who use their birthdays to buy something for themselves.The Imgur user known as “crownshyness” recently celebrated her 25th birthday and decided to treat herself by making a new friend.

She got a cattle dog/Australian Shepherd/Golden Retriever mix and named him Teddy.The creature’s adorable smile and piercing blue eyes drew this human in right away.Teddy, according to his new owner, is unquestionably a chick magnet and deserving of the attention he receives.

“At the humane society, I thought he was so loving and happy…”Crownshyness” exclaimed, “and then I brought him home, and those eyes and ears just came to life!”Teddy has assisted her in remaining active during the upcoming harsh winter season.Another advantage that comes with this doggo is that he has a good snoot to boop.Is Teddy not the whole package?

Scroll down to see a close-up of this good and beautiful boy enjoying his new life.If you’re thinking about getting a dog, don’t forget about the responsibilities that come with the creature.It is critical to keep your canine companion happy and healthy.Another important consideration is adopting a dog from a local shelter rather than purchasing one.Isn’t that a wonderful and noble thing to do?

When comparing Teddy’s before and after photos, it’s clear that finding his forever home has brightened his face.He appears content with his new owner.Evidence that when you adopt a dog, you brighten their entire life.We wish “crownshyness” and Teddy all the best in life.
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