Woman Adopts A Senior Dog Because She Resembles Her Childhood Puppy, Only To Find Out It’s The Same Dog

Nicole, like many young girls, wished to have her own dog.Her grandmother surprised her when she was ten years old with a cute little puppy, a Pomeranian-poodle crossbreed.

“One day, my mom and her [nana] picked me up from school, and I saw the puppy sitting on my nana’s lap in the car with a pretty pink bow in her hair,” Nicole wrote on Facebook.Nicole named her new bestie Chloe because she was instantly smitten.She intended to keep the puppy indefinitely, until something unexpected happened.

“Because my father got a job where we couldn’t have a dog, I had to give her up.””It was extremely difficult,” she explained.The two had been inseparable for four years before being forced to part ways.Her family surrendered Chloe to the Washington Humane Society, and they never found out what happened to their beloved dog after that.

That was until 7 years later, when an absolute miracle, a random act of fate, occurred.

Nicole had started her own family and was living in Pennsylvania when she happened upon a post about a dog named Chloe who needed a new home.Her attention was drawn to a Facebook post by a friend who needed to rehome their elderly dog.

The dog resembled an older version of Nicole’s childhood dog, Chloe, and they even had the same name.Nicole wanted to believe it was the same dog, but how could something so extraordinary happen outside of a Hollywood film?

I said I’d take her in on the spur of the moment!
“I had this feeling…”Nicole is a writer.

Nicole adopted the dog without hesitation – if nothing else, it was a sign that she was meant to give the elderly dog a safe haven, a loving furever home.After meeting the dog and bringing her into her home, she began to believe that this was the same dog she had been forced to separate from as a child.

“When we got her, she just fit right in.”There was something special about her!!As the day progressed, various things she did/how she acted were EXACTLY what my old Chloe did.”

“I was holding her last night and just cried and cried because that dog was hugging me back and I just held her close to my heart.”I knew in my heart that this was my Chloe.”Nicole felt so strongly that she decided to do some research to figure out where Chloe came from and what her story was.

Nicole contacted the Facebook friend from whom she had adopted Chloe to find out where she had obtained Chloe.The friend explained that she had adopted Chloe from an elderly woman who had died two years before.

[The FB friend] stated that she spoke with the elderly owner’s nephew, who stated that he took her to the Washington Humane Society years ago to adopt a dog already named Chloe…”

What were the chances?

But Nicole wanted to be certain, and luckily, her family had the dog chipped years before.So the next step was to obtain the chip number and then scan Chloe’s chip to see if it matched.

Nicole’s mother called the Humane Society, where the family had Nicole microchipped seven years ago, to obtain the precise number on the chip.Nicole then scheduled an appointment with the vet to have Chloe’s chip scanned.Nicole took her to the vet to have the chip scanned, and it was a dead ringer.

Nicole believes it’s a sign from her grandmother, who gave her the dog with the pink bow all those years ago.

“My mom has been praying for a sign from my nana, and we know this is it,” she explained.”I am overjoyed, excited, and blessed to have this beloved dog back and to be able to love her for the rest of her life.”

“I never in my wildest dreams thought I’d ever see this dog again but here she is.”

Just goes to show, miracles do happen!

Originally seen on powerfulmind