Wild stallions circle newborn and Mama goes viral with dramatic showdown

Montana’s varied terrain, ranging from the Rocky Mountains to the Great Plains, creates breathtaking scenery and ideal conditions for all types of living creatures.The state evokes images of the wild west, with heroes on horseback pursuing bandits and rebels.Imagine the stories you’d hear if trees could talk.

It’s not a place you want to be when the weather or the local wildlife decide to take things to the next level.Check out this video posted by Al Perry.A mare gives birth to a foal named Patriot, and chaos ensues while she waits for Patriot to stand and begin walking.The mare has just given birth, so she is in no condition to fight if necessary.

Nobody should ever mess with a mother or her children.Anyone who attempts to harm a child or a mother will face dire consequences.

A herd of wild mustangs arrives to claim her.The bachelors harass the mother like hooligans, and she is having none of it.Not with her baby right there.

It’s like a group of guys at the local bar see a woman alone and decide to harass her, only to discover that she’s a bad lady.Which means that fragile male egos are about to be severely harmed.

Mustangs are technically not wild horses because they are descended from a domesticated population.The mustangs you see in the wild are classified as feral.Mustangs are built to withstand all of the running, harsh weather, and numerous threats to survival that would be encountered while free roaming.

They are smaller than the European breeds brought to America’s eastern shores during the country’s early days.Mustangs are quick and adaptable.They make excellent long-distance riding horses, as seen in documentaries and other media.

They are descended from escaped domestic Spanish horses that Spanish explorers brought to the Americas in the 16th century.The name “Mustang” is derived from the Spanish words “mestengo” and “mostrenco” Meaning “wild or masterless cattle”.As this vulnerable mother discovered, being wild and masterless is correct.She realizes they weren’t so tough after all.

The mare will not let any of the bachelors near her foal, nor will she let them claim her.She steps in between them and her foal, looking ready to fight.And you can bet she’ll fight until her last breath if necessary.Imagine if Mom was fully recovered.
It’s amazing how she gently checks the foal while putting herself between the baby and the stallion.The boys love how gentle you are with the baby!The baby is also a lovely color.”It’s really obvious when the foal’s father finally appears, lol,” observes one viewer.

Mustangs are frequently found roaming wild and free across those vast states, but they can still be domesticated.These need to be tamed immediately.The mare is eventually reunited with her own group, but not before a fight in which she prances around and kicks the wild bachelors.Her foal could only stand there and stare.

They’d have deserved it anyway, those worthless fools.It’s comforting to know that this foal has mom’s blood coursing through its veins.So, if the time comes to fight, the little one will know what to do.Patriot, after all, inherited it from his mother.