Wild Fox Becomes A Loyal Friend To A Guy Who Saved Him From A Fur Farm

Here’s a story about Woody the fox and his adoring owner, Yaroslav.Woody was raised on a fur farm and was destined to be slain for profit, so he almost ended up on someone’s collar.Yaroslav showed up in 2015 and got him out of there.But he didn’t go all vigilante, because in Russia, owning a fur farm is legal in some areas.

But after seeing Woody, Yaroslav couldn’t let that happen.He approached the owners of the fur farm, and they agreed to give him the fox on the condition that he pay them the price they expected for his fur.Yaroslav acted quickly and purchased Woody.

Woody was hesitant and didn’t want to come into contact with anyone during his first days with Yaroslav.The sudden change in his surroundings had to have been very stressful for him.However, after about a week, Yaroslav and Woody discovered a common language and began to become friends.Because foxes can carry diseases, the fox spent his first month in Yaroslav’s home.

Yaroslav eventually built a special kennel for Woody to spend his time outside.Woody, being the mischievous fox that he is, burrowed many tunnels and escaped on occasion.But, as Yaroslav pointed out, Woody can’t sustain himself and live in the woods because he didn’t learn all of the necessary skills while growing up on a fur farm.

Woody is now well-fed and content with his life.He only consumes natural foods such as meat, cottage cheese, fruits, and vegetables.His favorite food is a persimmon fruit.It’s important to emphasize how surprising it is that a fox found happiness while being domesticated, given that they’re not exactly domestic animals in any way.According to Yaroslav, it’s not as simple as it appears.He compares it to having a disobedient cat and a dog in one.In any case, Woody and the internet are grateful to him for giving the fox a new lease on life.