Wild Coyote Finds An Old Dog Toy And Acts Like A Puppy

A coyote trotted into a photographer’s yard and investigated a toy left in the snow.The beauty of the play is what she managed to capture on film.Pamela Underhill Karaz, a photographer based in Trenton Falls, New York, sees wildlife on her 48-acre rural property on a regular basis.Coyotes are one of the animals she sees (and frequently hears).Pamela had a magical experience a few years ago when she photographed a coyote doing something very dog-like.

One morning, photographer Karaz spotted a coyote in her backyard

“He smelled it, cautiously picked it up, then proceeded to PLAY with it, tossing it high into the air,throwing it around, obviously thoroughly enjoying the experience,” Pamela says.He trotted away with his prize, a toy.”

“It was clear that the coyote didn’t think this toy was prey; he didn’t pick it up to see if it came to life, and it didn’t smell like an animal…It only had our dogs’ saliva on it, and as someone once suggested, it might have had the scent of fun,” Pamela wrote.

I have no doubt from watching his actions that it was all play, yes, even wild coyotes need and enjoy playing, as do all animals in the animal kingdom…”Pamela stated.”This was without a doubt one of my most memorable wildlife experiences.”