When he sees a ‘bag of bones’ walking through his yard, a man screams for his wife

In this story, the dog is a true warrior.Homeless animals face numerous challenges, and while it’s unlikely Billy would have survived much longer on his own, he was still fighting for his life.Billy was spotted by a couple as he walked past their house.

Bill, a man, was sitting at his computer when he noticed Billy outside his window.He motioned for his wife to come over and take a look.”That’s not a deer!” exclaimed Bill’s wife Krista.”It’s a dog!”

The couple moved quickly.They called for assistance, and a rescue team arrived to look for the emaciated white dog in the nearby woods.Finally, his tiny head poked out!Billy was rushed to the vet right away.The poor dog was severely malnourished and dehydrated.He was frail, just skin and bones.

Krista and Bill lingered at the vet’s office.Krista explains in the video below that she fell in love with Billy instantly. The look in his eyes, the pain he was feeling, everything that drove him to keep fighting– all of it tied her to him for life.

Billy was starvingHe was hungry and wanted to eat everything in sight.However, the medical staff knew that if he wanted to keep things down, he would have to eat slowly.No one was sure he’d make it, but he had a lot of supporters cheering him on.

However, by the next day, things were looking up.Billy was fighting valiantly, and the IV fluids and nutrition were assisting him.He was able to move around more freely.His sluggishness was definitely improving.The only drawback was that his medical bills were mounting.The couple was taken aback.That’s when the “Saving Billy” fundraiser was born.The entire community was eager to assist!It was truly incredible!

Billy was soon well enough to leave the vet.Krista knew she wanted to be his foster mother, and there was no way Bill, her husband, could talk her out of it.Krista and Billy, as previously stated, had an instant connection.

Billy was ecstatic to be leaving the vet, but being in a home would be a huge adjustment.Billy required a special diet as well as physiotherapy.It took a lot of dedication, but Krista never wavered.

Billy gained weight and began to feel at ease as the days passed.He also had new canine siblings!Remington, Billy’s doggy brother, and they became inseparable.

Seeing Billy on this journey only confirmed Krista’s gut feeling that this dog belonged with them forever.
Billy had officially become a “foster fail” at that point.Billy now has a fantastic life.In the wonderful video below, provided by The Dodo, you can learn more about his new family and his journey.We are overjoyed that this special dog was given a second chance.
Thank you so much, Krista and Bill!