When anyone gets too close to a homeless German Shepherd, he cries like a human

Abuse can mentally scar a dog and permanently alter their attitude toward humans.
Rain, the dog in this story, is a homeless German Shepherd who was discovered hiding under a van for several days.
Rain would shiver uncontrollably whenever anyone approached her, and she would plaster herself against the wall behind the vehicle out of fear.

Rain’s behavior was reported to the animal welfare organization “Hope For Paws” by the neighborhood.
Soon after, a couple of rescuers arrived at the scene to assist Rain.
Loreta, a rescuer, was the first to approach Rain with a cheeseburger.
Rain, on the other hand, completely shut down the rescuer with her terrified body language and heart-wrenching wails.

Rain’s disturbing “humanlike” cries as she scrambled to escape them astounded the rescue team.
It was difficult to imagine what kind of abuse she had endured to cause her to express her pure fear in such a visceral way.
She was terrified, and she expressed it in a way that the rescuers had never heard before.

Rain hid beneath the vehicle and prayed for the rescuers to leave her alone.
She then crept into a dangerous gap to put more distance between herself and the rescuers.
The rescue team, on the other hand, used a net to secure the perimeter, while Loreta retrieved Rain using a gentle snare.

Rain’s eerie humanlike cries and expressions of heartbreak continued even after she was rescued.
With great difficulty, the rescuers secured her in a crate and rushed her to a hospital for a medical examination.
Fortunately, Rain gradually sensed her rescuers’ good intentions and calmed down significantly during her bath!

Rain’s mental recovery after her rescue was incredible!
She became so affectionate and cuddly in her foster home that she was adopted within two weeks of being rescued.
She is now known as “Sassy Pants Dunbar,” an epic name that fits her goofy personality.
She spends her days socializing with her canine sibling and demanding endless belly rubs from her adoring humans!
She completely transformed herself after her rescue, and we are overjoyed for her!

Click the video below to see Rain’s heartwarming rescue, and turn up the volume to hear her human-like cries.