When a wolf is abandoned by its mother, it grows up with a human family and behaves like a dog

Many animals, from common ones like dogs and cats to exotic ones like snakes and parrots, can be kept as pets.

Then, on rare occasions, you see pets such as Kira, the wolf.

Kira was abandoned by her mother when she was only three days old and couldn’t survive on her own; thankfully, Alida came to her rescue.Alida took her in, raised her, trained her, and raised her like a dog so she could have a second chance at life.

Wolves are wild at heart, and unlike dogs, lack generations of domestication in their genes, so Kira was understandably difficult to domesticate.Alida had to work extra hard because she was wary of new things.Kira required a lot of socialization, so she interacted with children, adults, and even other animals.

She is now fully domesticated and wouldn’t hurt a fly.”Kira’s mother used to live with a family, but they were unable to care for her and she ended up in a nursery.”She no longer has faith in people.Kira was born in the same nursery.”

“If she’s released into the wild, there’s a good chance she’ll die because no one taught her to hunt.”
Kira’s mother abandoned her babies in the nursery when they were three days old, so they had to be fed by hand.And I took her away as soon as Kira grew stronger, and I also fed her milk first.”

“When she was 28 days old, I took her from the nursery.”She is intelligent but stubborn.When it comes to making decisions, she is more concerned with herself than with me.I began the process of socialization for her right away.She saw a lot of dogs, people, and children.”

“We went on walks in different places so she could study different smells and hear new sounds.”
Wolves are born with neophobia, or a fear of everything new.This is a difficult, time-consuming process, but it is necessary so that Kira can live with me in an urban environment and feel at ease.”Alida took Kira from the nursery when she was only 28 days old and continued to care for, feed, and train her.

“Upbringing, too, had its issues, but with age, it all fades and the work bears fruit—Kira has a stable and mild psyche, does not react to aggression from other dogs, and does not initiate conflicts.”She is very careful with children, and if a child is afraid of her, she does not approach him.”Alida made sure she wasn’t afraid of the modern world by taking her on numerous adventures.”On the street, people generally react with curiosity, ask to be photographed, and wonder if living with a wolf is dangerous, especially if there is a child at home (I have a 7-year-old son, Bogdan.)”