Whale falls in love with zookeeper, and they now have the cutest friendship

She’s so taken with him that she’s envious of his female coworkers, which is hilarious.A whale “spats” a female worker in a South Korean aquarium.The staff laughed off the “offense” against their female coworker as the room filled with playful whale squeals.The whale then showered the same aquarium staff with water without warning.

She’s a playful sort.

Tina, the beluga whale, can be a jealous partner because of how she treated the female aquarium staff.Tina has a crush on one of the male employees.In a video taken at the aquarium, the female worker did not do anything to the whale, but it still sank down, gulped water,and spat it out.

Her transgression?Tina, according to the staff member, was doing this because she was standing near the whale’s favorite male worker.

It was difficult to believe at first, but her behavior appeared consistent.Tina’s favorite handler would always make her laugh and “smile.”She then allows herself to be showered with affection while also keeping an eye on anyone who approaches her.According to the staff member, it all started when they took Tina into the aquarium.

She had a difficult time adjusting.Her surroundings were unfamiliar, and she was surrounded by strangers.The man then stated that he assisted Tina in adjusting to this phase.

He paid her attention and trained her.

Soon enough, the whale warmed up to him, becoming clingy and jealous.To demonstrate the staff member’s point, female team members requested kisses from the whale.Instead of emerging from the water and kissing their lips as she does with her favorite man, the beluga whale simply turns away with a huff.

The male team also took part in the test to see if she dislikes specific people or just women.Finally, whenever they say “hello” or ask for a kiss, the beluga whale just grunts and walks away.

Beluga whales are extremely intelligent animals.During the Cold War, they were even used for submarine operations.They are suspected of mimicking human speech, similar to parrots, but not as well as their avian counterparts.

The Smithsonian Magazine obtained footage of beluga whales receiving hand and verbal signals before diving underwater.So it’s not surprising that Tina acts in this manner around her handlers.

It’s time to make some new friends.But, in order to finally break her attachment to her favorite worker, the aquarium decided to acclimate her to other beluga whales.

Two male belugas live in the aquarium.The staff advised her to eventually meet her kind in order for the pod to accept her.Finally, they watched Tina gradually warm up to the two male whales.They eventually shared a toy and swam together as a pod after a few moments of sizing each other up.

Hopefully, she won’t feel as lonely now, and she’ll stop spitting on staff members she envies in the future.In the video below, you can see this cheeky beluga protecting her “boyfriend” from other girls!