Waiting For Help After Being Dumped With A Dog Who Couldn’t Stand Up

When he got close to her, he noticed that her back legs were swollen and bent, as were her front legs.

An honest Samaritan discovered a cute Beagle/Hound mix at a construction site, which is known for dumping dogs.
When this dog was discovered, she couldn’t get up and appeared to be suffering from the cold after lying in the dirt for a few days.

He immediately called for assistance, and Stray Rescue of St.Louis responded and rescued the dog.
Until they arrived, the caller had assisted the dog with what he had, lending his coat as a blanket.

She was obviously broken in both legs when she was taken inside the jeep.
She didn’t even say anything.
They rushed the young dog to the vet clinic, where they discovered she had multiple fractures in both of her legs.

Unfortunately, the damage was severe, and she needed to raise funds in order to undergo surgery to repair the damage.
Polar Express, as the dog was dubbed, has a long road ahead of it to repair and recover.

Originally appeared on www.androdass.com