Veterinarian Fights Back When Stranger Shouts Foul Insult At His One-Eyed Dog

Dr. James Greenwood, a BBC presenter and veterinarian, has one of the cutest pets in the world.Oliver, his Labrador Retriever, has only one eye, but that doesn’t stop him from having the cutest little face.Greenwood is proud to display Oliver because he believes that every dog is beautiful.

Greenwood’s day, however, was ruined by a foreigner.Despite the fact that thousands of people have commented on how adorable Oliver is, all it takes is one negative person to ruin the moment.Someone made a stag remark about Oliver’s appearance, which is clearly false.It urged Greenwood to speak openly about the matter.

Greenwood took to social media to express his feelings following a tumultuous transaction.Greenwood was enraged when a foreigner walking down the street called beautiful Oliver “f’ing unattractive,” but he didn’t want to make a scene.Instead, he informed each of his online followers about the heinous individual.

“To that joe, Oliver isn’t’f’ing unattractive.”But he’s a dog.And I’m unable to respond.Which essentially made you look completely stupid.”You absolute doughnut,” Greenwood said next to a cute picture of Oliver.

Oliver had been attacked as a puppy by an adult Labrador, causing his eye to prolapse.He was the only pup in the waste who had not been adopted.However, Greenwood later brought him home because he knew he was beautiful.