Vancouver Police Dogs Smile for the Camera Throughout the City to Benefit Charities

Police canines are probably the most focused canines on the planet. Consistently they assist with policing officials seek after lawbreakers, recognize booty and hazardous substances and help with local area outreach. One of the interesting ways the police canines in

Vancouver, British Columbia help their local area is by taking part in a yearly schedule that benefits good cause in the Canadian region.

The police canines visited different grand areas in Vancouver, from Grouse Mountain to the city’s popular Playland thrill ride for their photograph shoots.

The following are a couple of the photographs from the 2022 schedule and a sneak look behind the scenes!VPD Constables Dennis Jesus and Chris Hudson said of the current year’s schedule: “This schedule is committed to respect the canines who are working, who

have resigned and who have passed; the Guardians of the Night just as every one of the specialists on call and medical services laborers who have been pioneers locally through the Covid-19 Pandemic.

We are extremely glad and regarded to be a piece of this undertaking that upholds two extraordinary causes locally; BC Cancer Foundation and BC

Children’s Hospital Foundation.”The Vancouver Police Canine Unit has 16 overseer/canine groups, included 14 constables and two sergeants. The groups work 24 hours every day, seven days per week.  

The teams are trained in criminal apprehension, as well as narcotics, firearms, and explosives detection.Retired VPD Sergeant Mike Anfield created the calendar in honor of his wife Candy,

a VPD officer who lost her valiant battle with breast cancer in 2004.