Unwanted Elderly Dog Who Placed His Face In Kennel Corner Finds Dream Home

When Jack, a senior dog, arrived at the Gloucester-Mathews Humane Society in Virginia, he was terrified and depressed.

His sadness was so intense that he would put his face in the corner of his kennel.

According to the Gloucester-Mathews Humane Society, Jack always puts his face in the corner of his kennel, forcing them to pick him up.
They also discovered that when he is outside, he comes to life a little more.

So, after a month at the shelter, Susie’s Senior Dogs decided to find him a forever home.
They posted on Facebook that despite his fear of the shelter, Jack has never been aggressive toward volunteers or staff.

They also stated that they wanted to find him a forever home because they are heartbroken to think that he may have lived his entire life alone.

Susie’s Senior Dogs, thankfully, received a lot of interest in Jack, who has heart worms, bad hips, and pre-renal kidney disease.
Fortunately, a sweet young lady came straight to the shelter to meet Jack and her other canine companion.

The meeting was so wonderful that the woman fell in love with Jack, who was also friendly with her.
As a result, she decided to adopt him and place him with her other companion.
What a satisfying conclusion!

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Originally published on thepetneeds.com.