Unwanted dog crawls under their gate, begging for a home, but wife refuses

Dogs become homeless for a variety of reasons.
They are usually lost, and we do our best to reunite them with their families.
One day, a dog appeared at the door of a family’s home, insisting on entering.
ilovemydogsomuch writes that she crawled beneath their backyard gate to say “hello.”

Her husband thought she was quite cute.
She was wearing a collar, but it was in poor condition.
The wife disliked the dog and wanted her to leave.
She would bring her own dogs inside because she was afraid the strange dog would bite them.
But the dog was not mean or aggressive in the least!

The couple assumed she belonged to someone in the neighborhood or a nearby town.
When she came by, the husband continued to greet her, but the wife became upset.
She thought she was a bother.

The generous husband suggested they leave a note for her owner and attach a camera to her so they could track her movements.
That’s when a heartbreaking scene occurred.

When they watched the video, they noticed that the sweet dog was not welcome anywhere she went.
She was escorted away from their property.
Some of the neighbors could be heard yelling at her to leave.
It was dreadful.
This sweet dog only wanted to be loved.

The couple called their veterinarian to see if she was okay and if he had any advice.
He approached the dog and examined it.
Because she was so well-behaved and friendly, he was certain she belonged to someone.
He tells the couple that this dog is accustomed to being petted and lavished with affection, which explains why she is so loving in return.

Every day, she crawls under their gate, a smile on her face.
How could anyone say no to her?

Finally, the wife changes her mind.
She felt bad for the dog after watching the video of everyone shooing the dog away and hearing what the vet had to say.
She and her husband agree to keep the dog and care for her until her owner is found.
If her owner cannot be found, she will be kept and officially adopted.

Even though the wife was difficult at first, we are glad she changed her mind.
The complete story is provided below.
It has some amusing music and graphics, but it has an important message: never assume anything.
First, love, then ask questions!

Source: ilovemydogsomuch.tv