Two tiny puppies show they can count on each other after getting lost in adorable recue video

Teddy is the ideal big brother for Bear.He wasn’t going to let him fall behind.When things don’t go well in our lives, we all want someone to turn to.

Someone who will always be by our side, like an angel.And most of the time, the angels we seek in life are referred to as siblings.Dogs, like humans, enjoy company.They may be jealous at first, but nothing beats the feeling of having someone with you.

The same goes for these adorable puppies, who were both abandoned in the wild after their mother died.They’ve been together since the beginning.Please welcome Teddy and Bear.Teddy and Bear are siblings.Teddy, on the other hand, appears to be larger than the bear.

A man riding his bicycle heard a puppy cry in this video uploaded to YouTube by the Stray City channel.He stopped riding to look for it, and he came across this adorable puppy he named Teddy.But, before he could finally catch Teddy, he had to track him down because the puppy took off running.He eventually catches Teddy, but then he hears another cry.Another puppy can be found beneath the grass.

There was no puppy left behind.Teddy appears to be unwilling to leave without his brother.The brothers will stick by each other through thick and thin.

The rescuer gave them food, and you can see that they haven’t eaten in a couple of days.Thank God, someone passed by in that area and discovered them.One of the comments in the video expresses hope that their children will grow up healthy.And their wish was granted when the uploader shared another video of the two puppies, now healthy, playing together.They still enjoy running around outside.

The channel’s promotion is one of the video’s highlights.They want to raise awareness about stray dogs who have been abandoned by their owners.They want to encourage people to be responsible pet owners and, of course, to adopt these poor puppies.Could anyone say no to these babes?

All of the videos on the channel were edited by volunteers from the community, and they depict the reality that the dogs face on the street.Their bond is clearly strong.Dogs prefer to have another dog with them when their owner is away, according to The Spruce Pets’ recommendations.There are several advantages to having two or more dogs.The number one advantage is that playtime is extremely beneficial to a dog’s health and mood.

Another advantage of having two dogs together is that they will definitely help each other avoid separation anxiety, which is common in dogs.And, in the case of Teddy and Bear, they will undoubtedly grow up healthy and happy because they are constantly together.

Take a look at these two babes.