Two Rottweilers Saves Family Horses From Gang of Men in Middle of The Night

Rottweilers have been used as guard dogs for thousands of years.Their instinct is the primary reason for this.They were once used to defend livestock herds and to secure riches during the reign of the Roman emperors.Rottweilers are ideal for any situation if properly trained and socialized, according to embounce.

They are now used as home security dogs.Brenna Kramer of Zephyrhills, Florida, is an animal lover.She had a stable and two Rottweiler dogs at home.She had these dogs trained to protect both the horses and herself.She adored each of her pets.But she had no idea that these dogs would one day save her horses’ lives.

One night, something unexpected happened.While she was sleeping in the house, her dogs began barking extremely loudly and incessantly.Brenna became aware that there was something wrong outside.So she went outside to look into it.She started by examining her horses.Because someone had already disconnected the stable’s power supply.She couldn’t believe what she saw.A rope was tied around the neck of one of the horses, indicating that the animals had also been attempted to be stolen.

However, the two courageous dogs’ ferocity would have caused them to flee swiftly. One rottweiler also got two puncture scars on his head as a result of his efforts to save the horses.

These instances are prevalent in California because horses may be sold for extremely high prices. However, the two dogs’ bravery saved her horses’ lives.