Two Dogs Form An Unbreakable Bond, And The Shelter Takes A Viral Picture That Helps Them Be Adopted

There’s something special about your childhood friends, your childhood bestie.It’s a relationship that will last a lifetime.Some dogs, such as Adonis and Apollo, two German Shepherds who were surrendered to a high-kill animal shelter together, can form the same bond.

They grew up together and were then abandoned together when their owners could no longer care for them.

The dogs were clearly terrified, but they found solace in one another, hugging each other at the shelter.

The staff took and shared photos.Fortunately, they went viral almost immediately.That’s when the Long Island-based no-kill animal rescue group A-Team Elite Rescue Dogs heard aboutAdonis and Apollo and decided to take them in.

They were first treated for heartworms, put on a basic treatment plan, and then cleared for surgery.Soon after, the group posted about the dogs on Facebook, where they were adopted by a woman named Jennifer.She took them home and now they run around on acres of land with two other rescue dogs they play with.

Facebook: A-Team ELITE Rescue Dogs