Trio Of Black Spotted Horse, Pony, And Dog Became Friends And Lives Together

Meet the wonderful trio who look alike despite being from different species.This trio is made up of a horse, a pony, and a dog that are all different sizes but have the same spotted fur coats.

Despite their differences, they enjoy hanging out and playing with Greetje Arends-family- Hakvoort’s.

Greetje shares her home with an appaloosa stallion, a Shetland pony, and a Dalmatian dog.

Greetje frequently visits the animals with her seven-year-old daughter, Jolie.Jolie enjoys riding her Shetland pony.

And here are the gang’s names and ages.Nevada is the name of the stallion.The pony’s name is Napoleon, and the Dalmatian’s name is Jack Sparrow.

Greetji told whatzviral, “Nevada, my stallion is Brown, Black, and White-spotted three colors, and Jack and Napoleon are Black and White Spotted.”

“I’ve always wanted a Dalmatian dog and I adore spotted horses, so two of my dreams came true in a unique way.”Greetji from the Netherlands commented.

“When people see the three together, they always smile; they often refer to the 101 Dalmatians film, which brings back good childhood memories for them.”

“Napoleon was born around the same time as Jolie, so they grew up together and are now the best of friends.”

People always smile when they see the three together; they frequently refer to the 101 Dalmatians film, which brings back pleasant childhood memories for them.”

When Jack was younger, he imagined himself as one of the horses, and he fits right in.Trust is the key word here; horses thrive when there is trust, and they need to feel comfortable and confident, which Jack provides.”

They have a lot of horse and dog love between them.As the family grows, we have even more spots available!We have three other horses, and I enjoy training them.”