Trembling stray dog melts into rescuer’s arms during first-ever hug

Little McKenzie needed someone to believe in her.Puppies who have been abandoned on the street have every reason to be fearful.Even when a kind person comes to take care of them, it’s understandable that they’re nervous.They’ve never known love, so they don’t recognize when someone is there to help them rather than harm them.

But, thanks to Hope For Paws, another dog will be able to live a happier, healthier life.Hope For Paws rescues abandoned and homeless animals from Los Angeles’ streets and also assists with complex animal rescues across the country.A phone call came in about a sad, scared little dog.They wasted no time in driving to the location of the dog.The terrified dog refused to even look at any of the team members.

Eldad Hagar used a low, coaxing tone to try to entice the dog out of its confinement – a cold place with concrete walls and bars.According to him, the dog was so terrified and nervous that it trembled and tried to disappear into the corner of the wall when he approached.

He then decided to meet the dog on the other end, and as he approached slowly, the dog huddled into a corner, still trembling.”I didn’t want to appear threatening, so I crawled slowly towards the dog.”The poor dog stood on its hind legs, leaning against the wall and keeping its head turned away from Eldad.It was so jumbled that every approach seemed futile.”She kept lowering her head, and I couldn’t keep her in place.”

The trembling dog kept its head down, but Eldad wasn’t going down without a fight.He attempted another gentle reach out with a gloved hand.Eldad was surprised when the fearful dog finally relented and allowed him to secure it.And Eldad wasn’t about to stop there.”She kept lowering her head, and I couldn’t hold her.”

He knew exactly what McKenzie needed, so he took the terrified dog into his arms.Eldad’s dog, McKenzie, gradually adjusted to a comfortable position on Eldad’s lap.

More than rescue and nourishment, McKenzie required love.There’s a lot of it.Eldad made certain that their first meeting would put McKenzie at ease.So he did just that: he reached out, gained her trust, and held her for warmth and cuddles.

It is not only the people we know and the strangers we encounter who require comfort and love.There are a lot of stray cats and dogs that need to be rescued.McKenzie’s story began sad and heartbreaking, but thanks to Eldad’s efforts, the dog has finally seen the bright side of things.McKenzie has gone from being sad, scared, and helpless to gradually trusting and eventually thriving in a better environment.

It’s so wonderful to see McKenzie transform from a scared pup into a happy one ready for love. What a great story.