Tough police dog changes before handlers eyes when baby girl approaches

His handler was nervous about how he would react.We often associate law enforcement with toughness.

Of course they must be.They need to stop the bad guys around us, and they’ll need all of their strength to do so.The same can be said for the K9 dogs that assist these officers.

The majority of K9 unit dogs are large, tough, and extremely skilled at what they do.They can detect danger or the person they need to save from great distances.Sonny is one of those K9 dogs who is always prepared for duty.

Corporal Jason Frey of the Clinton Police Department in Connecticut is his paw-rent.Sonny, he said, was always ready to go on duty and go full “cop” mode.Sonny would jump into the patrol car whenever he saw Jason in his police uniform.Sonny was the ideal partner for Jason.

He admitted to The Dodo that he would occasionally vent, and it appeared that Sonny was listening.He could also tell when Jason was happy or upset and would frequently respond to him (in barks, of course) to let him know.When they get home, however, Sonny immediately turns off his “cop” switch.

He becomes an adoring big brother to his baby sister Reagan.Sonny was Jason and Lainey’s “whole world,” but that all changed when Lainey gave birth to their baby girl.They were worried about how Sonny would react now that he wasn’t the “baby” anymore.

They were taken aback by how well he adjusted to having a baby around.Sonny was patient and sweet to his younger sister, despite his tough “cop” demeanor.With his patience towards Reagan, you can tell how much he loves her.

He let her be, whether she was playing with his paws, ears, or tail.When she crawled all over him, he didn’t even move.His gentleness toward Reagan demonstrated that he recognized that he was already a big brother.He looks after his younger sister with the same zeal and care that he does his work.

Sonny would curl up and watch his younger sister play.Reagan appeared to enjoy every minute of it as he gently licked her face or snuggled up next to her.Reagan would gaze lovingly at their photo when her father and big brother were not present.

When Lainey was wondering why their little girl had suddenly become quiet, she captured this moment.She went to check on her and found Reagan staring at a photo of Jason and Sonny.
It’s as if she was aware that they were both at work but felt their presence through the photographJason and Lainey knew she would be in good hands now that they had another baby girl.

Sonny, like Reagan, looked after baby number two.This time, however, both older “siblings” are now assisting each other in caring for the new addition to their family.Just thinking about it makes us happy, knowing that their little sister is safe and sound.

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