Toddler Can’t Stop Laughing As He Learns To Howl With His Husky Friend

Boston the Husky teaches Braxton the song of his people.

Do dogs enjoy howling with humans?

Howling is one of the most well-known dog behaviors, and many owners enjoy hearing their pets join in on the fun.But why do dogs enjoy howling?

According to one theory, it is a way for dogs to communicate with other members of their pack.Howling can travel long distances, so it’s an effective way for dogs to communicate where they are and that they’re safe.
Another school of thought holds that howling is simply a form of expression, similar to how humans sing or dance.Dogs may howl when they are happy, sad, anxious, or simply seeking attention.

Whatever the reason, it’s clear that many dogs enjoy howling alongside their human companions.So, the next time you’re feeling harmonious, why not try it with your furry friend?