To protect her 10-year-old owner, a brave Yorkie repels a coyote

Nothing in this world compares to the bond that exists between a child and their pet dog.
Dogs make excellent friends for children, and it is recommended that every child have a dog.
Pet dogs are devoted companions who will go to great lengths for their owners and friends.

Warning: GRAPHIC Content!

They will sometimes put themselves in danger to ensure that their proprietor is saved.
So here’s one tiny endure pet who defended her 10-year-old owner from a coyote while suffering injuries herself.

Macy, a six-year-old Yorkie mix, is the dog’s name.She lives in Scarborough, Toronto, with her owner Dorothy Kwan and her family.Macy was out for a walk with her 10-year-old companion when they came face-to-face with a wild prairie wolf.

In this case, the dog acted as a hero by protecting her owner’s young daughter.The prairie wolf attacked Macy, but Macy continued to bark and eventually emerged victorious when the prairie wolf was pursued by a small dog.She had severe injuries, but she was successful, and her owners were very proud of her.

Dorothy stated that she suffered injuries to her body and leg, and that she underwent surgical treatment for her injuries at an emergency pet hospital.Dorothy was devastated to discover that her dog had been severely injured.
Actually, she was a single mother of two children, and her two children, as well as her pet dog, meant a lot to her.Macy’s treatment at the animal hospital cost them thousands of dollars, so the family set up a GoFundMe page to raise funds for her therapy.People came to donate after hearing Macy’s brave story.As a result, the web page has nearly $20,000, which is more than double the amount of their goal.

The good news is that Macy is now on the mend.Dorothy claims that her fever has subsided and that she has regained her cravings.She truly is a miniature pet dog.We wish for her to recover quickly.

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