Tired of running, a harmed puppy digs deep to accept his hand before the sky explodes

She was sick of running.Even as she sniffed his hand, she retreated repeatedly.The sky darkened, but the man refused to give up.An impending storm is often a matter of life and death for a homeless animal.Because the skies had darkened, one puppy who had been on her own had no idea where to go.She looked for a safe place to wait out the storm, but there was none.She darted back and forth, obviously terrified of what was about to happen.An animal rescuer saw the pup by the most road but she wouldn’t stop deed . She had reason to fear humans… because not all humans are kind.As the skies began to rumble, the rescuer was finally able to get a little closer.The sweet dog stood back and observed the person.She was completely uninterested in running.

The person reached his distribute with patience and persistence, and the puppy came closer submissively.She stayed low to the ground, tail wagging, but still fearful.She mustered the courage to allow the type man to pet her.But it took everything she had.

The sweet dog allowed her new human friend to pick her up and transport her into his vehicle.She sat in the front seat, looking over at him, as if to say thank you.Even as the skies opened and the storm arrived, she knew she was safe and warm.It was now time to transport this sweet girl to her new foster home!

She is overjoyed to have her first proper meal.She ate happily before curling up for a nap.Then it was time for a shower.EEEK!She was crawling with fleas.It had previously been difficult to identify them.
small dog disliked the bathtub, but she seemed to understand why it was necessary.

Lucy is the name given to the sweet dog by her new foster mom.She wraps her in a blanket to keep her warm.Lucy appears to realize she is loved at that precise moment.Her foster mother notices a wound on her neck as her fur dries.They notice this when a dog has been chained for an extended period of time.Lucy was most likely kept outside on a sequence before being abandoned when her owner simply didn’t care any longer.

Lucy is having the time of her life right now as she gets nice and healthy while waiting for a permanent home.Mini, another pup, has become her best friend.She shields Mini from one of her foster mother’s cats who is a little too playful.We are so happy Lucy is safe and sound and can never get on her own again! for information on Lucy and other dogs available for adoption, click here!

Let’s share Lucy’s story so she finds her forever home.