Tiny two-legged Boxer dog named ‘Nubby’ melts dad’s heart in adorable video

Nobody expected Nubby to live after being born with only two legs.But he’s defying the odds by getting stronger and more spunky by the day.Nubby appeared unexpectedly in their lives.

They were, however, up to the task.Lou, Nubby’s human mother, received a call from the shelter asking if they would accept a two-legged boxer.Nubby was the name.She said yes without thinking or hesitating.She informed her husband, Mark, who also agreed.So Lou went to the animal shelter and adopted this adorable two-legged tiny puppy.

Mark apparently didn’t hear her when she said she was taking Nubby home and was perplexed about how they were going to care for him.Nubby, on the other hand, was more than a puppy.Nubby was a baby.They weren’t prepared to care for a newborn puppy, let alone a disabled puppy who would rely on them.Naturally, the first night was a nightmare.

Nubby arrived frail and needed to be bottle-fed every hour.So Mary and Lou alternated feeding him.It wasn’t easy, and they weren’t sure if he was absorbing all of the milk he drank.But they made it through the first night.They took it one day and one night at a time.Nubby had been a week old before they realized it.He was scooting off the floor with the custom Lego wheels Mark made for him when he was two to three weeks old.

Then Nubby became ill.He had pneumonia, which was diagnosed.When he was taken to the ICU, it broke Mark and Lou’s hearts to see Nubby confined.There were times when they thought they were going to lose him, but Nubby never gave up.They couldn’t give up at this point.

They paid Nubby daily visits.They spent time with him in the intensive care unit.They did this until Nubby recovered one day.Nubby grew older and realized he wanted to learn to stand.It was difficult with only his two back legs intact.It was difficult for Mary to watch Nubby struggle, but she knew she couldn’t do it for him or Nubby would never learn.

To keep moving, Nubby needed to learn how to use his back legs.Despite his difficulties, Nubby remained a cheerful and upbeat dog.He was interested in making friends, even if they appeared distant.Nubby wasn’t the only dog in their home.He shared his home with four other dogs.Olivia Pig, Maggie, Grace, and Rita are their names.

Rita was the dog with whom Nubby got along the best out of the four.Together with Mary and Lou’s granddaughter, Lainey, they became the best of friends.Nubby was Lainey’s childhood friend.They did almost everything together, and it seemed like they had a lot of secrets between them.

They will look at you as if you have done something heinous when you interrupt them.When Nubby first arrived at their house, they assumed he wouldn’t live long.But Nubby is still standing after two years.Five years later, Nubby is still the sweet dog who looks after their foster puppies while they wait for their forever home.Raising Nubby was well worth the effort.

Learn more about Nubby’s amazing journey in life in the video below!