Time and again, a disfigured dog is given up on, until one woman sees all of his beauty

I’ve just fallen in love, and you will too…

Physical characteristics have nothing to do with beauty.
If you turn us inside out, we all look pretty much the same.
It is our inner beauty that is important.

People in Lucky’s life, on the other hand, couldn’t get past what they saw on the outside.
And it was a travesty!

Lucky is born with a severe facial deformity.He was born in a puppy mill before being surrendered to a shelter.It was difficult to find him a home.When people looked at him, they couldn’t believe what they saw.

Lucky was finally adopted but bounced from home to home, each family doing him a terrible disservice.
Because he didn’t get along with their cats, his first family in Austin kept him outside at all times.
Lucky was chained to a tree.He didn’t have a safe place to sleep, and he didn’t get enough food.He was overlooked and ignored.Lucky was never shown the affection he merited.Before they moved, the family decided to surrender Lucky.They didn’t even want to bring him along.Lucky was clearly NOT a member of the family.

Lucky was adopted again, but it didn’t take long for that family to abandon him as well.
Lucky, the poor dog, was not at all fortunate.

Then something happened on social media that changed everything!
Lucky was taken to the groomer by a shelter volunteer.
The volunteer posted photos of a groomed, handsome Lucky, and those photos were seen by the perfect person, a volunteer’s friend named Jamie Hult.
She was desperate to meet Lucky!
Even better, she was eager to adopt Lucky right away!

“It just happened to be someone in my dog rescue world, so I contacted him right away and said, ‘I want that dog.'”
“I don’t want to foster it; I want to adopt that dog,” Jamie told iHeartdogs.

Unfortunately, Lucky was in bad shape and required extensive veterinary care.
He had fleas and heartworms.
He was also underweight.
But Jamie was unconcerned.
She desired him and would not hesitate to open her wallet… and her heart!

Lucky had a long road ahead of him, but with proper medical care, he recovered completely!

And with his new home, new life and new human came a new name… Beaux Tox!

“I named him Beaux Tox because he clearly looks like he needs botox, which is fine.
We value beauty in all of its forms.
And the dog bills are exorbitant, which is why I don’t have botox!”

Jamie has the exact attitude and outlook Beaux needs! Dontcha think?

They’ve been happily married for a year.
Beaux is now a healthy young man living a happy life.
No more days tied to trees, lonely nights in shelters, or judgments based on his appearance—only LOVE for this sweet boy!