This Stray Dog Keeps Bringing Gifts To A Woman That Fed Him

Meet Tua Plu, a stray dog with impeccable manners who always brings a small gift to the woman who feeds him.”When he’s hungry, he’ll offer something to get fed,” Orawan Kaewla-iat, a Thai woman who feeds homeless dogs, wrote on Facebook.”Every day, he appears with an object in his mouth, usually a leaf and occasionally a piece of paper.”Tua Plu and his mother must be fed before any other dogs.”

The dog understands that this type of behavior is more endearing than simply going straight to the rice bowls offered to the stray dogs.

Orawan’s post, which included a short video of the polite doggie in action, quickly went viral, with people all over the world asking how they could adopt Tua Plu.Hopefully, he and his mother will soon find a loving forever home – someone who will be a very lucky owner who can expect to be showered with gifts every day.