This rescued goose and mini horse who were adopted together share the sweetest friendship

Hemingway is a goose, and Waffles is a miniature horse, but despite their different species, these animals have formed an extraordinary bond.They’re very protective of one another, and it appears that neither of them is aware of their differences.In July 2019, the pair was rescued from a filthy outdoor paddock in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.It was clear that the two had a protective bond from the moment they were rescued.

“They are truly best friends.They have no idea one is a mini-horse and the other is a goose.They are completely unaware.”They’re best friends,” said the Bucks County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.Waffles had a minor infection when he was rescued, and Hemingway kept an eye on him around the clock.
The goose would scream whenever an SPCA employee approached him to administer medicines or injections.Hemingway would honk or flap his wings to alert the workers that Waffles is being protected by a best friend.It was clear that Hemingway and Waffles would be life partners.

When they were both approved for adoption, the Bucks County SPCA informed all applicants that they had to be adopted together.The Bucks County SPCA received over 150 adoption applications after their story went viral, including one from outside the country.Finally, Hemingway and Waffles found their forever home in Maddie and Nick’s farm in southeastern Pennsylvania in September 2019.

The couple started a farm for Maddie’s horse, Peabody, but they’ve since expanded to include other farm animals.Peabody has a fiery personality, but Maddie was certain that Hemingway and Waffles would get along.Maddie and Nick recounted the day of their move in an interview with The Dodo:

We loaded Hemingway onto the trailer first because we wanted to make it easier for Waffles to get on…He was worried because Waffles didn’t come right away…When we walked him out and he saw his buddy was already in the trailer, he literally jumped on, and Hemingway immediately relaxed.”

Waffles had previously only been around birds, so the first time he met another horse was on his first day at the farm.Maddie and Nick set up their stall with Waffles and Hemingway and brought Peabody over to meet his new friends.However, it did not go well because Peabody became afraid of the pair.

This initial hiccup, however, did not prevent the goose and the mini horse from enjoying their new life on the farm.When Maddie let Waffles out on his own, he began trotting and rolling in the grass.Then they introduced Hemingway to his new and larger pool, and the bird began to bathe and splash around with delight.

After a difficult life, these two best friends have found a forever home with horses, goats, and other farm animals.Of course, Maddie and Nick will always be there to ensure they live a happy life.

“When we adopted Waffles and Hemingway, our hope was that they would settle in well, become part of the family, and get along with everyone, and that hope has come true,” Maddie explained.”Now, Hemingway has Peabody to take care of, instead of just Waffles, and Waffles is on his way to becoming a therapy horse.They’ve brought us joy, and we hope they can bring joy to others.”

In the video below, you can learn more about Hemingway and Waffles’ story.This miniature horse and goose demonstrate that we can get through anything in life with the help of a good friend.