This puppy, who is frequently seen sitting on a drain cover by the roadside, has a tragic backstory

It is painful to lose loved ones, and it is even more difficult to forget them.
A touching story behind this, similar to seeing a child abandoned by their parents without adequate affection and attention.

A netizen shared the heartbreaking story of the puppy, who was several months old at the time.
This netizen’s sad story will undoubtedly make you sober.
Are you prepared?

This puppy appears to be depressed and sad.
It does not run around and play like other puppies.
This small white creature sits quietly on the drain cover.

At first, no one will notice anything out of the ordinary.
The puppy continued to do the same thing for the next few days.
It returned to the same location, unchanged, looking sad and depressed.

After discovering that the puppy had no owner, the netizen proceeded to bring the puppy home.
However, after a few days, the puppy was returned to its owner.

He had no idea why it insisted on returning to the drain cover where it had previously been.

Its behavior and attitude remained unchanged; it crawled on the drain cover and refused to leave, and I occasionally heard it making a sad noise from his tiny nose.

Coincidentally, a pedestrian who appeared to recognize the puppy asked, “Is this puppy still here?”

Hearing the words, the puppy’s new owner was taken aback and immediately realized why the puppy was acting so strangely.
When the dog families were crossing the street, the father of the puppy was apparently hit by a hit-and-run driver.

The puppy’s parents did not flee at the time, and the car hit them, leaving the puppy without parents.
Its mother died on the drain cover, and its body was buried by a kind-hearted local.

Since the incident, the little white has been glued to the drain cover and refuses to leave.
It appears to be waiting for them to return.

This incident clearly demonstrates that animals, like humans, have feelings, but they do not express them in the same way that humans do.

The little white car remains in the hands of its owner.
It may still be perplexed by what is going on and may not understand what death is.
It may not even be aware that her parents will not be returning.
Its sadness is simply a reflection of how its heart was broken by the death of its parents.
Although nothing can replace the position of its parents, he will survive with the presence of its new owner.