This Police Horse Isn’t Ready For Morning Duty Until He Gets A Cup Of Tea

Before he is ready for daily duty, the police horse requires a cup of tea.Jake “refuses to get out of bed unless he is handed a warm cup of tea,” according to Merseyside Police.Jake, the tea-drinking horse, has certainly delighted the Internet.
Many of us find it difficult to begin working every morning without the need for a cup of coffee or tea to fully awaken us.Something similar happened to the police pony in the United Kingdom.Jake has developed a taste for tea over the course of his long career and is unlikely to start his shift without his daily mug.

Horse needs morning cup of tea to start the day:

According to Metro News, Jake began drinking tea after sneakily swiping a sip from his rider’s cup.When the 20-year-old horse starts sticking his mouth in his rider’s cup every day, the Merseyside Police Mounted Section includes him in their morning cup of tea.Jake will reportedly wait in his stable in Allerton, Liverpool, every morning for his specific large cup to be handed to him before agreeing to begin working, according to the Daily Mail.

According to Merseyside Police, Jake will not get out of bed until he is given a warm cup of tea from @tetleyuk, who shared a video of Jake enjoying his morning coffee on Twitter.He is ready for the day after eating this.

A Merseyside Police representative also revealed that Jake enjoys drinking regular tea with skim milk and two sugars.Many people on social media are ecstatic about Jake’s video.When it was posted on Twitter about a week ago, it had over 2 lakh views and a slew of amusing comments.

According to Lindsey Gaven, director and trainer of the Merseyside Police Mounted Division, who spoke with the Daily Mail, Jake is one of the twelve horses we get at the stable to train with us.

Jake, we believe, is a horse with a lot of personality.We’re all used to his tea order: while he can get away with one honey, he clearly enjoys himself more when you serve him two.”