This Man Throws a Large Rock at Car’s Window to Free Dog Trapped Inside

Will Costa was in the parking lot at the time of the rescue and captured a video of the Good Samaritan in action, which has since gone viral.He was at a music festival in Grand Bend, Ontario, when he witnessed the incident.The man was not a thug or a thief, but rather a concerned Good Samaritan.With onlookers screaming “oh my God,” the man continued to throw the rock until the glass broke.Temperatures reached 91 degrees Fahrenheit (33 degrees Celsius) that day, which is hot enough to cause heat stroke in a pet left alone in a hot car.

According to Costa, the owner of the car arrived 50 minutes after the dog was let out of the car.After getting some water, the dog was fine.The Ontario SPCA was also notified of the incident and is currently investigating it.According to police, they spoke with the owner, and he “had no concerns about his damaged vehicle” given the circumstances.The Good Samaritan is unlikely to face charges for smashing the window.