This Loving Donkey Keeps Kissing The Man Who Saved His Life

Pippin’s face was filthy and his body was covered in scratches when rescuers discovered him.His eyes were sleepy and dull, and he barely lifted his head.It only took one look to see how lonely and depressed Pippin was.

The donkey had been traded and sold to a dozen different families over the course of fifteen years, and it appeared unlikely that he would ever have made a friend.A worker at the shop where we bought the animal feed told us about a man looking to get rid of a donkey.We approached him after seeing his picture.He wasn’t in a good mood.

Pippin was confined to a small enclosure, and his owner informed Laura that he had recently attempted to flee, causing him to become trapped beneath the gate and suffer injuries.

Laura claims

“As he entered the trailer, we noticed his melancholy and resignation.We were most moved by the fact that she had moved houses for the thirteenth time.We assured her that she would never have to say goodbye again.

Pippin was wary because of his history.If his caregivers attempted to sweep near him, he would become terrified and flee as far as he could, acting as if he had previously been struck by the broom.When his ears were touched, he became agitated.

Pippin’s body needed time to recover from both physical and mental abuse.Her muscles were weakened due to a lack of nutrition and space, and her hooves were severely damaged.

Despite this, Pippin was so affectionate with his guardians that he would lie motionless for long periods of time while being petted.Pippin, on the other hand, prefers kisses.

Laura claims

“Pippin was loving with us right away after we arrived, trying to get our attention.”
He called to invite us to see him as soon as he noticed us.

Pippin and his caregiver, co-founder of the sanctuary Alberto Terrer, gradually began to form a special bond.Pippin nuzzled the man, who made it a daily habit to stroke and kiss the dog.

Laura claims

Above all, he and his caregiver Alberto have a special bond.He is constantly requesting kisses and cuddles from her.

Pippin has grown closer to Alberto and his new friends in the more than a year since he was rescued.Pippin adores the cows, the other donkeys, and the staff at the sanctuary.He loves them almost as much as he loves apples, which have become his new go-to treat since visiting the refuge.