This Greymouth man buys turtles from a local food market and releases them back into the sea

Members of the family
Pet dogs, like felines, can change people’s lives forever if they are rescued in time.
When they are fighting for their lives, their heroes appear and give them a second chance.
Is there anything more valuable?

Not only do these pets require rescue, but many wild animals and also marine animals also require human concern and assistance.
They could end up in underground hair markets or neighborhood food markets.
We cannot change the world, but we can manage kindness in our community.
When many people join hands, small acts of generosity can have a huge impact.
This is the story of Arron Culling, a nice man from Greymouth, New Zealand.
He and a colleague changed the fate of two sea turtles in Papua New Guinea.
Unless two men come to their aid, these animals would undoubtedly make an excellent meal.

As you may be aware, aquatic turtle fishing is still legal in many parts of the world.
Coastal communities in Papua New Guinea collect turtles for their meat and coverings.
So, what did Arron and his friend do?
They bought the freedom of those two lovely turtles for less than forty US dollars.
They then set them completely free.
Two males drove 5 kilometers up the road and released the turtles back into the sea.

These two turtles are not the first turtles that the men have rescued.They have acquired and also released approximately ten.Arron later posted images of his rescue mission on social media.It obtained numerous types and also shares all over the world.He hopes that by doing so, people will become more aware of the dire plight of sea turtles.Six of the world’s seven sea turtle species are listed as endangered or vulnerable.

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