This Dog Walked For Days In Search Of Her Missing Family, Until She Found Something Much Better

How could anyone aanon such a furry face?

Moving can be just as stressful as losing a loved one, according to a widely accepted statistic.

Consider losing all of your loved ones.
They relocated without you.Cathleen’s family found their dream home in Oklahoma City when she was six years old.They were quickly packed and moved out of their Seminole, Oklahoma, home.

The only issue Cathleen noticed was that she wasn’t moving with them.

Cathleen was abandoned in Seminole, Oklahoma, when her family relocated to Olahoma City.According to KOCO, her family gave the Great Pyrenees mix to another owner who lived about 20 miles away.But she was dissatisfied with her new living situation.

“Cathleen is precious, and her original family adored her.”But they moved to town and couldn’t keep her,” the Seminole Humane Society wrote on Facebook.

Cathleen traveled from Prague to Seminole twice in the hopes of finding her former family.She spent the next few days in the Seminole Animal Shelter, heartbroken but hopeful, waiting for a loving forever family to come along.

Cathleen was rescued by the Seminole Humane Society after making the 20-mile journey to find her missing family twice.”She’s very sweet; very calm and docile,” Lynzi Thompson, a reserve animal control officer, told KOCO.
“Friendly.She aspires to be everyone’s best friend.She’s a romantic.Allow her a chance.
She may appear shy at first, but she will definitely open up to you.”According to Fox 8, no one knows why Cathleen was left behind, but adoption requests began pouring in shortly after her picture was posted.

Then comes the best news of all.

Cathleen has been adopted by a new family, this time in Texas, as of January 12.


“the shelter said on Facebook.”We’d like to thank everyone for your outpouring of love for this beautiful girl!We had so many wonderful applications and offers to come and get her from all over the country!!While we are unable to notify everyone individually, we would like to express our gratitude!!

Cathleen is now happy and healthy in her new forever home in Texas!We wish the best to Cathleen in her new home. For another heartwarming story, click the button below to read about a child who wanted “the oldest dog at the shelter” and the incredible lengths she went to in making that dog’s last moments memorable.