This Dog Waits For A Girl After School Every Single Day

If you have any doubts about how affectionate and loyal dogs are, meet Ralph.Ralph is a beautiful Golden Retriever from Lakewood, California, who made friends with a girl who attends a high school nearby.
They didn’t know each other, but he waited for her every day and she pet him from under a gap in Ralph’s gate.Elisa’s story quickly went viral after she shared it on Twitter.Dogs truly are a man’s best friend.

And this is Elisa, a 17-year-old girl who goes to the high school near the house Ralph lives in.

“At first, I was afraid he’d bite me because most dogs bark at you and appear aggressive if you came near their house,” Elisa explained when they first met at the start of the school year.

After a few days, Elisa’s friends encouraged her to pet him.Ralph was so happy and excited when she did that he licked and pawed her hand!

Elisa took a photo of Ralph and tweeted about it, making it go viral.

He isn’t always present, but “most of the time, by the time I walk to the spot, he waits there for me to pet him before I leave,” says Elisa.

Elisa hadn’t known his name for a few months until she happened upon a man walking a Golden Retriever, who turned out to be Ralph and his owner.

I told him I go pet him all the time, and also asked him what’s his name, and he told me it was Ralph,” she said.