This dog cried like a human at the funerаl of its owner, making many people cry

This sweet girl named Belinha was inseparable from her master and, above all, her best friend, Telma Maria, for the last four years of her life.They both live in Brazil and are happy to be together, but their time together is cut short when Maria succumbs to cancer and is unable to win the battle…

Although the battle was arduous and painful, Belinha was never separated from Maria in those days, and she felt comforted in the presence of her best friend.

“My mother said she was her nurse, and she proved that she is the most faithful companion in this world,” Maria’s son Dionsio Neto said.

Because Belinha was such an important part of Maria’s life, it was natural for her to attend all of the farewell festivities.\She sat down to say goodbye with the rest of the family members, as if she understood the significance of this solemn act of reunion between loved ones.

What happened next is the most important…

When Maria’s casket was brought out, Belinha stunned everyone by remaining by her side for the remainder of the service, mounn like a human being.She did the same thing when her best friend was alive: she stayed by her side.As a result, Neto decided to photograph the tender moment.

He described animals as “pure love.”

Belinha continued to weep after the ceremony, lamenting Maria’s absence.To alleviate her sadness, Neto and other family members decided to transport the girl to the location where her best friend now resides.

They went to the cemetery to pay their respects to her.

He ran directly to Maria’s rave as soon as they let him off his leash in the cemetery; the most impressive thing is that he had never been there before.Once upon a time, Neto was moved by the bond that exists between his mother and that girl, despite the fact that she is no longer physically present.That has been confirmed.

“Even after her death, my mother continues to teach that love is not limited to humans.””She and Belinha show the world that animal love is even greater than many could imagine,” said Neto.

Belinha will be able to heal with the passage of time, knowing that Maria will never be so far away from her because she remains in her eаrt.The girl still has a family, a home where she can live indefinitely with Neto, who is extremely grateful and adores her for assisting them in coping with the entire process of losing her.