This Cute Chonky Cat Finally Gets Adopted

The internet is probably the best thing that has happened to cats since the invention of wet food.It proved once again that our beautiful cats are amazing and deserve a loving home regardless of their appearance.Last month, the animal shelter Morris Animal Refuge in Philadelphia challenged the internet’s love for adorable cats by introducing Mr. B, a 26-pound cat.And, while it’s understandable that this cat might have difficulty finding a home due to its enormous size, people refused to accept it.

Instead, they flooded the shelter with requests to adopt the ‘jumbo-sized package of fluff and love,’ causing their website to crash.

It’s unclear whether the shelter expected such attention, but it was well deserved.The tweet introducing the adorable fat cat instantly went viral, garnering 14.5k retweets and over 50k likes.Nobody should ever underestimate people’s fondness for chonks!

Morris Animal Refuge chose a new home for the two-year-old Internet celebrity boy after careful consideration.If you thought Mr. B’s internet fame was over, think again.The new owner is aware of how quickly people fell in love with the adorable cat, and they have no intention of keeping him away from die-hard fans.

“We discovered this Instagram photo four hours after it was published” (this is actually the very screenshot I took when I saw him, and we agreed instantly we loved BeeJay already).Here’s to telling Mr. B’s story (and keeping his name and calling him BeeJay!)We’ve got a long way to go and a lot to share (he’s doing fantastic, by the way!)” written to the new owners.