This brave old horse ran into a burning stable to rescue younger horses

Horses, as has been stated numerous times, are herd animals.It implies that they want to be near another horse, preferably one they know and like, and especially relatives, so they can see and possibly smell them.Here’s an example of how horses will go above and beyond for their fellow creatures.During the California wildfires, an elderly horse was seen saving four younger horses from a stable fire, as seen in the video.Prieta is the name of a champion stallion from a ranch in Simi Valley.

Onyx, the little animal that Prieta saved, is now enjoying a peaceful day in Southern California.Mona Lisa, Onyx’s mother, was caught on camera fleeing when flames erupted near the Ronald ReaganPresidential Library; she is now safe.Horses can protect and look out for one another.While others are eating or looking for food, some can keep an eye out for predators.They are extremely kind creatures.As a result, if one of the horses in the herd was in trouble, the others would work together to save or defend it.Horses are amazing because of this.They are brave, caring, and selfless.The horse has a strong sense of self-preservation and is wary due to its natural surroundings.

Although the majority of horses choose to defend themselves by fleeing a dangerous situation, our video shows that some of them are fiercely protective of one another.If fleeing is not an option, horses can defend themselves and other horses in the herd by biting, punching, rearing up, bucking, or kicking.Numerous natural horse behaviors, such as herd formation and social facilitation, are inextricably linked to the type of prey they hunt.

Many of them are known for their loyalty because they naturally guard the members of their herd in the wild.Females are very protective of their young and will go to great lengths to protect them.